Can you imagine a better you in only 25 days?

Imagine never having to ‘diet’ again??

Heard it all before and looking for something that will actually work???

Well here’s the exciting news… I can help!


Our 25-day Transformation plan will support you to: 

• Lose fat

• Lose inches

• Boost confidence and self-esteem

• Learn skills to maintain weight loss

• Never have to ‘diet’ again!

• Improve sleep and hormone regulation

• Improve body image


Our Guilt Free Transform25 package consists of 2 stages aimed at helping you transform your body with a detox and healthy eating plan. Each month the best transformation will win their money back!!

STAGE 1: 4 day detox

STAGE 2: 21 day shape changer

Both stages can be bought separately but its is advised to go for the full package for maximum benefits!
Through my holistic approach to health, wellness and nutrition I can give you the tools you need to radically change your lifestyle to create a happier, healthier you! This programme acts from our Guilt Free Health philosophy that negative emotions keep us in cycles of behaviours that stop us achieving our health and weight loss goals. That’s why we focus on increasing positivity and motivation, as well as providing the tools for physically changing your body. 

Whatever your situation, our transform packages can help get you fast, sustainable results.

Want to see the proof?

Head over to our Facebook page and see the awesome 
real results from our customers, live updates and comments!

I am the most body confident in a long time, the scales are down and inches have dissapeared but I’ve gained knowledge, understanding, confidence and better belief in the road ahead. I sleep better, eat better, work better, this means a better me
– Miss P
I got to do something wonderful this week….go shopping and have to buy the next size down!! I’m 10lb down and fit in size 12 clothes, which I havent done for 7 years! I’ve tried every fad diet, weight loss supplement going with no luck. This transformation has worked, change of mindset, change of whole being.

– Mrs H

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Our transformations are safe, but if you have any medical conditions please consult a doctor before carrying out a new programme.