• I created this mini e-Book for all you health conscious, clean eating enthusiasts out there. Perhaps you haven’t yet taken the plunge into a clean eating or paleo lifestyle because you wonder how you will satisfy your sweet tooth? The key is finding healthier alternatives that are not full of processed sugars, wheat, dairy and gluten. If you eliminate these allergens you will be amazed at the difference in how you look and feel! You will feel more energised, refreshed and revitalised. Sign up for your free e-book to revolutionise the way you treat yourself.
  • This is where it all started! Naturally Guilt Free provides honest, natural alternatives to store bought sugar laden ‘free from’ foods for all you health conscious, fitness fanatics and people with special dietary requirements out there! Products are made using 100% natural wholefood ingredients in line with clean eating or paleo principles. My creations are naturally free from dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, grain and refined sugars, without compromising on taste. If you haven’t tried them yet, why not?! Shop here now!
  • Kickstart your healthy lifestyle with our successful natural detox You may notice you feel sluggish or bloated, that your sleep becomes disrupted or your mind feels foggy. These are just a few of the many signs that your body is crying out for a detox. Guilt Free detoxes are safe and 100% natural. Customers report a range of health improvements, with the added bonus of weight loss!
  • The monthly Transform25 programme is getting amazing results for clients. Guaranteed to transform you into a healthier, happier and more confident you. Improved hormone regulation, better sleep and weight and inch loss are just some of the many benefits you could experience.
  • With 10 years of psychology qualifications, including addiction studies, and 7 years practical experience in behaviour change, my therapeutic coaching programme is designed to support you to make the changes that will make you happy and healthy. What’s more, I have been there. I have experienced these issues myself. I can truly put myself in your shoes and believe in you. And now I want to help you!

“Guilt Free Health promotes a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and nutrition as the best and healthiest way to live.

The ‘journey to healthy’ incorporates mind, body and lifestyle. I have incorporated all aspects of physical, mental and social well-being into my philosophy towards supporting YOU to achieve optimum health.”

Do you want to live Guilt Free? Read about our philosophy and our mission to help you naturally improve your health and wellness.


Do you want to live Guilt Free? Read about our philosophy and our mission to help you naturally improve your health and wellness.


100% natural goodies, free from gluten, dairy, wheat and refined sugars. All the taste of something naughty but none of the guilt – delivered straight to your door!


A moist, deliciously zesty lemon cake, with a creamy topping naturally free from all the nasties. With added superfood boost from chia seeds.


Kickstart your ‘journey to healthy’ with our 4-day detox. 100% natural, allergen free, guaranteed results. Weight and inch loss is just the bonus!


Emotional eater? Binger? Over exercising? Yo-yo dieter? Learn to overcome your obstacles and break bad habits with Guilt Free Coaching.


Your gym bag essential reviewed. Get daily motivation, log your food and exercise to measure your progress with this handy little journal.


The low down on Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome. The signs, symptoms and how I healed myself naturally.


Transform your mind and body with our Guilt Free Transform programmes. Proven to boost health and accelerate weight loss.

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